Choir News: 2011

May 2011

Newtown Male Voice Choir CD Cover

Newtown Male Voice Choir has pleasure in announcing the release of their new Anniversary CD. Featuring the choir singing in recent live performances, the songs on the CD are a mixture of old and new including choir favourites such as Rachie and Saints Go Marching In.

CD’s are priced at £10 and are available to purchase from local shops in Newtown, from choir members and choir concerts. Also by email by contacting us on the Contact Us page.

March & April 2011

The choir starts off the year with 2 joint concerts with choirs closely associated with Newtown Male Voice. The choirs teams up with Oswestry’s Orthopaedic Male Voice for a concert in Ellesmere on March 5th in St. Mary’s Church.

Following this the choir teams up with Shrewsbury’s Friday Singers Ladies Choir on 2nd April in Wattlesborough, Shropshire. This choir is also conducted by Christine Roberts and will be performing several pieces together as well as their own reportoire.